Frozen Kitten Was Saved From Severe Hypothermia, And Given A Fairy-Tale Ending! I’M CRYING!

This little feline was on the verge of death when a shelter saved her life.

Allison Baker of Denver, Colorado, got an urgent call on Thursday from a friend who found a kitten outside in dire condition.

“A friend of mine … had a cat that she found outside. It was half covered in snow and (she) said it probably wasn’t going to make it,” said Baker told ABC7. “I was convinced the cat was dead when she brought her here.”

After wrapping the kitten in blankets and putting her on a heating pad, Baker brought the freezing feline, who had a severe case of hypothermia, to the Dumb Friends League, an animal shelter. The group got to work on the kitten, who was at first non-responsive and had a temperature that didn’t register on the thermometer…

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