This Frustrated Bulldog Is Having No Luck As He Tries To Reach His Tennis Ball

Big and small dogs each have their own challenges when it comes to being an awkward size for certain activities. Big dogs, for example, can have trouble fitting through small spaces or curling up with their families without taking up too much space. Small dogs have their own obstacles to overcome as well!

Just ask the little Bulldog in the video clip below! His stubby little arms make it too hard for him to reach his ball! Watch how he flails his little paws around in an attempt to retrieve his runaway toy from under the couch. Somebody needs to come and help this adorable dog, stat!

His mighty determination makes him an admirable pooch. He doesn’t seem to quite understand why he can’t reach his ball, and he keeps trying his best to get it back in his clutches. You’d be upset, too, if you couldn’t reach your favorite toy! Isn’t this the most adorable video ever? His frustration is understandable, and we empathize, but his wiggly efforts are too cute to not chuckle at!

His grumbles are like tiny cries for help, as though he’s asking the ball to surrender and come rolling back to him! This little pup never gives up, does he? He’ll do anything to get his inanimate companion back! Tennis balls seem to be to dogs what security blankets are to humans. Can we really blame him for being so eager to have control over the toy again?

Have you ever seen a dog try so hard to reach the unreachable? He’s doing his absolute best, that’s for sure. Don’t forget to share this hilarious clip with your friends and family and see if they’ve experienced this with their tiny pets. Then, leave your thoughts on this adorable Bulldog in the comment section down below!