Funniest Snow Removal Fails: A Lighthearted Look at Winter

Snowfall is beautiful, making the surroundings look like a Christmas card. However, snow removal is usually not as enjoyable. From shovels to snowblowers, plenty of manual labor is involved to get snow out of the way.

With great effort comes great fails, and these are the best snow removal fails. At first, a woman is walking beside a two-story building, and snow slides from the roof on top of her causing her to fall over.

Another clip shows a man standing on the other side of the road when ice falls from the roof of a tall apartment directly on a car as people yell in shock. Thankfully, the car seemed to be undamaged.

Another man is shown on his roof trying to get snow and ice off with a shovel. You can tell that trouble is on the horizon. He hits the roof a few times, and the snow slides off it, taking the man with it. His family laughs because they know he is alright.

More snow fails involve a kid jumping up to hit the snow off the roof of his cabin. He misses the first time, but the second time he hits it and falls on his back. Another man shovels his roof, and the man behind the camera asks, “What are you doing?” The man on the roof begins to talk but slips off slowly and lands on his side in a pile of snow while the man behind the camera laughs at him.

A man tries scraping ice off his extra-long driveway. Then, he loses his footing and slips. He slides all the way down the driveway for a long time, ending up in the street.

Another man climbs a ladder up to the top of his shed. He takes one scoop of a shovel as the other men watching laugh at him. He lifts his shovel, and the whole side of the roof falls down. The man tries to stay balanced, but he eventually falls hard on his face. These snow fails have us all saying, “Ouch!”

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Funniest Snow Removal Fails: A Lighthearted Look at Winter