Funniest way to settle an argument ever: annoyed cat pushes a dog into the swimming pool

If one thing is sacred for a cat, it’s the daily session in a sunny spot. Whether perched in a compact stance or stretched out in all their glory, cats absolutely love basking in the sun’s warmth. You might think this a rather strange choice of relaxation for someone who’s always wearing a fur coat, but cats are sometimes a little strange. Actually, the love of warm places a tolerance for high temperatures is most likely something house cats have inherited from their desert-dwelling ancestors. It’s a clever way to conserve energy: letting the sunlight do the work instead of their own metabolism. Warmth just seems to make cats feel happy and secure.

So imagine how annoyed a cat might get if a couple of pesky dogs came along and interrupted a sunbathing session. It’s bad enough when a yapping dog interrupts your sleep but getting it in stereo is at least twice as bad. If you were such a cat, you might think to yourself, “Why can’t those dogs just relax and quietly savor the moment? Don’t they know a nap would do them a some good? Must they jump around like that, getting in MY sunlight? Maybe they’ll go away if I ignore them…”

A scenario like that plays out in the video we’ve posted for you below. A tuxedo cat is minding its own business, enjoying a sunny spot on the patio by the pool when a pair of adorable and highly energetic puppies show up. The cat tries swatting at them, but they refuse to get the message. Fine, then. The cat simply shoves one of them into the water! What makes this even more side-splitting is that the cat manages to look lazy and indifferent while doing it.

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