Funny Cat Sits On Woman’s Head While She’s Reading

Although cats don’t usually demand attention from their owners the way dogs do, the cat in this video has found a hilarious way to get her human’s attention, but her human seems quite used to it by now. As the cat’s owner lounges on her bed, the cat sits on her head while she reads. At certain points, the cat even appears to be reading along with the woman. Clearly this cat is a fan of the classics.

Being a cat owner can come with many unexpected surprises, but, honestly, you can’t help but laugh at this literary pet. I bet this woman never gets cold on a rainy night with her cat on her head. I wonder if her cat gets heavy up there?

While most cats are experts at lounging in their hammocks and being adorable little jerks, we still love them because they can bring so much joy to our lives. Perhaps that’s why they are undoubtedly the internet’s favorite animal.

Anyone with a cat will get a kick out of this. There’s something oddly amusing about this cat’s decision to climb up on her human perch and read a good book. For this catty bookworm, there’s nothing more relaxing than curling up with a good book and your favorite human.

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