This Funny Fox Stole Something From That Golfer. How The Poor Man Tries To Get It Back? LOL!

You can never tell how your day is going to go. It can really throw some surprises at you! The guys in this clip were enjoying their time at a golf course when they had to deal with something they weren’t expecting. The got an unexpected visit from a funny little fox! He seems to be really curious, and as you can see, he is a daring and fearless one too.

This golfer left some of his gear unattended and the fox decided to take advantage of a prime opportunity to steal a new plaything. The fox mischievously sneaks up to the golfer’s bag to steal and run away with a driver sock of one of the golfers. It was lying on the ground next to his bag

The man runs to get it back, and the fox drops it right away. He picks it up and throws it back on the ground by his bag, but the fox comes back again to snatch it away. This actually happens two more times and on the third go, the fox doesn’t drop it! He runs pretty far with this man chasing him, and finally drops it.

The really funny part is that when the man starts running back to his golf buddy, the fox chases him! He really wants that sock! I think the poor guy just wanted to play with the humans or maybe he just wanted something to cuddle with! This is definitely a moment those golfers will not forget in their lifetime!

Watch this adorable clip below! What would you do if you were in their place? Let us know in the comments section!