Funny Kids Share What They’ve Learned For Teacher Appreciation Day

School is all about learning, and these kids are about to share what school has taught them over the course of the year with a little help from Jimmy Kimmel.

For National Teacher Appreciation Day, the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show traveled to the Farmer’s Market on Fairfax and asked kids to share one thing that they learned in school during the year. Their answers range from normal to zany, and it’s all priceless.

Some kids can proudly recite their biggest take-away, others know it but can’t quite get the pronunciation right – either way, school has clearly made a profound impact on these young kids, and it’s adorable.

Most of the answers will catch you by surprise, but it’s got to be the big secret that one little girl is trying to hide from her teacher that’s the most shocking.

Funny Kids Share What They\'ve Learned For Teacher Appreciation Day