These 17 kids hilariously took advantage of the loophole in their parents’ instructions

For children, concepts like “literally” and “figuratively” are hard to understand. When you ask a five-year-old to do something, they might do it — and sometimes quite literally.

Indeed, you never know what you’re going to get and the results are often more surprising than predictable. Kids can and will come up with some brilliant interpretations with their creative little noggins as you’re about to see.

“Feed the cat”

Kid feeds cat oranage
via Reddit

Mom thought it was time her  5-year-old should learn the value of responsibility by helping with the family cat. Of course, when you tell a 5-year old to “feed the cat”, you are leaving a lot up to chance. (Points to the youngster for choosing a healthy item.)

“It’s too nice to stay inside and play games”

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This little guy’s dad told him, “it’s too nice to stay inside and play video games”. I don’t think this is what Dad had in mind, do you? This does bring back memories, though. Indoors were for homework, outdoors were for playing. Back then, we could not wait to get outside!  In fact, if you spent too much time inside, a grownup was sure to let you know you should get your you-know-what outside.

“Eat at least HALF your grapes”

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Getting kids to eat healthily can be tricky. Even then, you know how kids can be finicky eaters, and even when they have their favorite food before them, they can find a reason to fuss if they feel like it. That’s why mom wasn’t kidding when she told her 4-year-old, “You have to eat at least HALF of your grapes.”

“Name these quadrilaterals”

Name these patterns
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After we learned about polygons and isosceles triangles, we were off learning algebra. That’s all I remember. At any rate, I did learn enough to know that Bob, Sam, Tedison, Cate, and “Hary”, are not the names of those figures.

“Put your shoes by the door”

via boredpanda

The 4-year-old girl above is VERY good at following instructions when her friend’s moter said, “Please put your shoes by the door”. Works for me!

“Put the cookies on the table”

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After the cookies cooled, mom told her five-year-old to “put the cookies on the table” in preparation of guests. I suppose this serving technique (above) cuts down on dirty dishes a quite bit. Good thinking. (Look carefully at the second cookie on the left. Someone ate the arm. Busted!)

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