“Funny Money” sketch lives up to its name in hilariously clever clip!

Please, do you and me a favor. Just scroll down and watch the video. Words cannot possibly describe the hilariously clever comedy sketch you’re about to watch. You go on. I’ll stay here. These posts don’t write themselves.

We all experienced finding money on the street; some more, some less. Even more interesting than finding money is watching people react to it. How would you react if you had $20 in front of you but couldn’t take them immediately? That was the subject of a very funny, classic sketch that aired either in ‘70s or ‘80s.

If we look a few decades back, we will notice that it was easier to make people laugh before. Nowadays, it is a bit more difficult. YouTubers race for a better “prank” that will make people laugh, there are plenty of comedy shows, we have memes and so many laugh-worthy clips. However, seems like because we have all that, it is harder to find something actually new and funny.

Before the Internet, it was simpler! We would reunite in the living room, watch a hidden camera program with the laughing audience sound in the background and we would all laugh at people’s reaction. Those were some of the most entertaining TV shows! But they weren’t the only ones. There were also shows with sketches and a YouTube video of one of those sketches is truly iconic!

Namely, a man is walking down the street, just like any other day. As he is looking around, he spots £10 near the tire of a car parked next to the sidewalk. He comes closer and tries to take the money. However, he notices that the paper is actually stuck under the tire.

The man does not want to give up the money and realizes the only way to get it is to wait for the owner to move the car. He goes to the café across the road and orders a coffee while observing the area.

The time is passing by, he orders another coffee and the owner of the car is still not appearing; but not for long! Finally, he sees a man in the navy coat opening the door of the car and starting the engine. He leaves his coffee almost full and stands up but at the same time he experiences a big surprise – almost everyone from the café stands up and runs through the door!

Everyone is racing towards the car to get the money while the man stays last in the line. Although the video stops and we cannot confirm who stayed with £10 in the end, it is certain that the main character from the video didn’t!

This is one of those sketches that you only understand in the end. You do not laugh in between but then everyone laughs together because something unexpected happens. In this case, the man from the video thought he was the smartest by staying around to wait first but, in fact, he was the last one to do so. Everyone was already waiting for the car owner!

“I wonder how nervous the other folks in the cafe got when they saw him attempting to get it in the first place?  This was funny.  Thanks.” – Says the top comment and, indeed, it is funny to think about it. While he was trying to be sneaky and go around the car, everyone was looking at him, knowing exactly what he is trying to do.

One comment hints that there is something deeper about the video, “Maybe it was a trap of the restaurant to hunt for customers?!”, could be! Not sure, though. At least this video makes people have conspiracy theories too!

You can check the link below too and see did it seem predictable, unpredictable or is there something else you noticed, apart from the obvious!