This FURIOUS Parrot Wants To Go For A Walk. But When His Owner Denies? WHOA, Look Out!

Parrots are some of the coolest pets around. They are adorable and you can even teach them some choice words. But this “imitating ability” of theirs could actually work against you, as this woman in the video found out. Her parrot is the definition of adorable, but when he gets angry, he turns into a total nightmare! Wait till you see this!

Eric the parrot loves going for walks. He even has his own harness, which made him famous in another video when someone besides mom tried to put it on him. He’s definitely a mama’s boy. Unfortunately, when it rains and he can’t go outside, everyone suffers. He curses, rebels, and starts throwing tantrums.

On this particular day, Eric’s frustration knew no bounds. He ripped the lid off a jar of quarters and started flinging the change everywhere. His owner tried to reprimand him, but Eric is just fearless. And to be honest, it’s hilarious to watch! Although I must admit, I’m glad I’m not the one who has to clean up all those quarters.

These owners aren’t sure where Eric gets his bad temper from, but it could have been from a previous owner as they have never exhibited such behavior in front of him. I’m sure this clip will make Eric even more of an internet celebrity, but he can also be a charming and very well behaved parrot when he wants to be. That’s why his parents love him.

Watch this angry young parrot in the video below! Like they say, don’t mess with parrots! Let us know if you enjoyed this via your comments!

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