That Furry Looking Caterpillar Looks Interesting. But If You Touch It, THIS Is What Happens To You…

When it comes to animals, nothing really fascinates us more. There is so much we want to know but have yet to discover when it comes to animals and I think that fact alone really captivates our attention.

Just think, there are people who dedicate their entire lives to studying the behaviors and patterns that animals have and yet we still don’t know everything that we want to know about them. Every day there are new discoveries about animals and that is what really fascinates us.

One animal that many of us don’t know much about, in fact most of us have never even heard of it, is the Southern Flannel Moth Asp, also known as the Puss Caterpillar. This little caterpillar packs quite a punch and you really need to be careful around these little guys because they do have a sting and they will release venom when they sting you.

One mom was smart and when she saw the little caterpillar she was careful to keep her children away from it. She saw that the Puss caterpillar, named that because it looks like a tuft of cat hair, was an unusual little creature and knew it wasn’t a good idea for her or her kids to touch it. The sting from these little guys are very painful and are comparable to wasp stings. Good call mom!

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