Game show contestant is winning everything – what she does next is incredible

The popular game show Wheel of Fortune challenges contestants to complete words – hangman style – for cash prizes. Players take it in turns to guess a letter, racking up the money while trying to be the first to guess the phrase. In this special edition, all the contestants are US veterans – and you’re about to see one of them with a huge heart.

Nula Fountano was cleaning up the competition and light years ahead of the other two contestants as they were entering the final game. She’d already racked up an impressive prize pot – and was on the cusp of taking home over $13,000. Not a bad day in the office really! But seeing as her fellow contestants weren’t exactly lighting up the board, Nula did one of the most unselfish things you are ever likely to see – especially on a competitive TV game show where you win cold, hard cash!

“Z,” said Nula, when she’s prompted to suggest a letter on an almost open board. This quite naturally perplexes host Pat Sajak, who is flabbergasted she’s opted for one of the least used letters of the alphabet. The letter is obviously not present in this phrase, and Nula’s move has allowed her rivals to steal the prize money for themselves. Maybe she just took a funny turn and her mind went blank?

Nula’s turn comes around again, so perhaps she can get back into the game? Only this time – she doesn’t say anything at all! Her time runs out and once more her fellow players have a chance to come in and win some cash. Nula remains unfazed, not betraying a single emotion about her bizarre change of tactics!

“Q” offers Nula on her next go – once again to the amusement and confusion of everyone else in the studio – and no doubt the watching viewers at home. “X” is her final response, cementing the fact that she was clearly not playing to win – and it’s amazing she manages to stop herself from bursting out laughing! The final scores on the doors ensure the other two veterans go home with some money in their pocket – while Nula still wins a tidy sum too. Instead of greedily raking in as much cash as possible, this kind heart decided to share the wealth – and the top 1% in this country could do with taking a leaf out of Nula’s book!

Watch her unselfish act in the video below and give it a share – we need more people like Nula in this world!