Gander opens heart and home on 9/11 tragedy. Incredible story had tears in my eyes!

The tragedy on September 11 will always be etched in our memories, but many events that resulted because of the disaster are fond ones that people cherish. One of those silver linings in the dark cloud of tragedy involves the city and people of the small town of Gander in Newfoundland.

When the 9/11 tragedy happened, all flights were directed to either turn around or travel back to their original departure city or to redirect to the nearest airport. For one such flight, Delta 15, the pilots made the decision to land in the small town of Gander in Newfoundland, Canada even though they were then not yet aware of the reason for the redirecting. When they landed, they were confined to their plane and the passengers spent around 30 hours on board before leaving the flight. By then everyone was aware of what had taken place and the small airport had over 50 flights that had been directed form many places all over the world.

The small town of Gander had a population of only 10,000 but the passengers found out that the whole town had gathered together and risen up to the occasion. Food, water, shelter, clothing and much more was needed and the citizens of Gander provided all that and more. Schools were shut down so that the passengers could find a place to rest, buildings like halls and churches became places of refuge, volunteers from all walks of life got food and more and handed out all amenities to the displaced passengers.

Indeed, for many, this was like paradise, a haven from the chaos that lay in wait in their homeland. Although all forms of communication were blocked in the first days after the crashes, the travelers were given a chance to call or email their worried relatives. In short, the town of Gander was a godsend when the travelers needed them most.

And it was no easy task. In those few days, the population rose to nearly 17,000. That is nearly double of what it was and you have to wonder how they managed to cope. Yet, they did. For many people, who managed to get back home after 4 days, keep the town of Gander in their minds and a donation fund was set up in thanks to the town – scholarships for the education of the school children.

It feels nice to see the goodness amidst a world of sorrow. I was so touched by this story. Did you watch the video? What did you think of it? Let us know in the section below.