These Gangsters Thought They Can Take Advantage Of This Grandma. Seconds Later? CLICK. BOOM!

When these two armed thugs saw a 74-year-old woman sitting behind the counter of this pawn shop in Springdale, Arksansas, they thought they could easily get away with burglarizing the place.

They never expected this woman to not only fight back, but to also be armed. Watch this elderly woman defend herself against two armed thugs and win!

The suspects Marcus Gould and Leon Roberson walked into the C & S Gun and Pawn Shop thinking they would be able to get away with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, but they did not get what they bargained for when this 74-year-old armed woman fought back.

“They split up, they both pulled out hand guns that looked like black semi-automatic pistols and began to rob the store,” said Springdale Police Department’s Lt. Derek Hudson. “One of the employees also pulled out a weapon and there were shots exchanged.”

An all-out gunfight took placed between the two young thugs and the 74-year-old store owner, Shirley Cornett. Cornett fired at one of the suspects and shot him in the arm. The thugs fired back, but did not manage to injure Cornett.

The two thugs made off with a bracelet, but it was later recovered when police caught up with Gould and Roberson.

Unbelievably, a neighboring store owner blames Cornett and thinks she did wrong by firing at the thugs. “It is not right,” said the neighbor, Kal Gandhi when explaining how deeply upset he was at Cornett for firing back.

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