Garbage Can Takes Out Kid: See Why Taking Out The Trash On A Windy Day Is Dad’s Job

Three knocks to the head, a fall & fumble, followed by a fourth slam and then an upside-down tumble, leaving our little misshapen one and bruised – in a yoga pose, he flipped and cruised, until on the sidewalk he fell, losing to the wind despite battling well.

With calm composure, he presses on, taking good care of his form. No amount of pressure nor weight will leave this young man forlorn. Even in the end, when it seems he is done, he lands on his feet and shows the bin has not won. Please, someone, tell him – this is a job for father, not son!

This young man’s parents really should have known that his chore was destined for disaster when their kid could barely see over the large hollow bin. You’ll be wishing for his sake that the wheels were on the other side from the start. The first few gusts are funny, so is the fall, but his recovery is the best of them all.