Garth Brooks does some housekeeping, giving a fan the surprise of her life

Garth Brooks is a fan favorite, and it’s no accident. There’s the music, of course, but there’s also the way he likes to reach out to his audience at concerts. In this case, he did a very special favor for a fan.

By blending elements of rock-and-roll into country music, Garth Brooks created a style that has made him a legend. He’s the only artist to have had seven albums go diamond on the American charts. He has two Grammys and 17 American Music Awards to his name.

During his concerts, Brooks likes to have what he calls a “housekeeping segment.” Fans hold up signs with song requests while he walks around the stage looking out into the audience. When he takes a request, he has an incredible knack for making it seem like his performing the song for just that one person. He’s also known for telling stories to fans and giving them instant seat upgrades. On a few occasions, Brooks has actually given his guitar to a fan — as in actually giving it to them as a gift! Once, it was a long-time fan who was battling cancer. Another time, an aspiring musician got some encouragement in the form of a Garth Brooks guitar. At one concert, all it took was a sign cut in the shape of a guitar with “want to trade” written on it!

During a break in a 2017 concert in Billings, Montana Brooks called on a woman who was holding a sign. “Now your sign here, your sign says ‘Wanna hug?,’ right? I think there’s going to be something going on a little different that you don’t know about because the sign behind you is saying something totally different.” Check out the video posted below to find out what happened next.

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