Garth brooks reads woman’s sign at show and immediately walks off stage

It’s the most magical feeling in the world for music fans, getting tickets to see your favorite band or singer live in concert. Filled with anticipation, they spend months and weeks counting down the days until the big concert where they’ll finally get to see their idol in the flesh, performing their biggest hits. You might think all that waiting might be senseless, but to the avid fan, it’s definitely worth it.

After all that excitement, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than getting ill and being unable to go along to the big night. That clearly wasn’t going to be an option for one brave Garth Brooks fan though, who overcame more than anyone to make sure she attended a concert by the Country singer.

When Brooks performed at the Target Centre in Minneapolis, fan Theresa Shaw made sure she was part of the crowd, despite battling stage three breast cancer and having undergone chemotherapy just hours before the concert had begun. Clearly, nothing was going to stop this courageous woman seeing her hero and the music lover happily danced along to Brooks’ hits as she held a sign reading “Chemo this morning, Garth tonight enjoying the dance.”

Theresa’s courage wasn’t missed by the musical star, who once noticing the sign in the crowd, immediately left the stage. He wasn’t gone for long though and reappeared in the audience right in front of Theresa, where he emotionally greeted the inspiring woman before performing directly to her.

Proving just how touched Brooks was by the extraordinary effort Theresa had made to be there that night, the star even gave his guitar to her at the end of the song, a gift we’re sure she treasured. It’s hard not to be touched by the emotional moment between the singer and his fan, which proves music really is the best medicine.

Theresa and Garth’s story didn’t stop there though, the inspirational cancer sufferer later appeared at another one of his shows with an even better sign, which read confirmed she had beaten the disease. The sign read: “I kicked cancer’s ass. Still enjoying the dance!”

It’s hard not to be touched by Theresa’s strength in the face of the illness: