Garth Brooks wrote it, but it took a nurse to make it famous.

Michael belted out an emotional, passionate rendition of “The Courage To Love” written just for him by the legendary Garth Brooks, and it will send shivers down your spine.

Michael Ketterer took to the stage during America’s Got Talent’s two-hour season 13 finale on Wednesday, and belted out a beautiful, passionate original single penned by none other than country music icon, Garth Brooks.

Michael Ketterer, a dedicated and loving father to six children, melted hearts with his touching story as pediatric mental health nurse and his incredible voice. “America’s Got Talent,” judge Simon Cowell, who was impressed by this emerging talent asked the country music superstar to write a song for his Golden Buzzer act for the finals, and Brooks delivered a hit.

Ketterer sang Brooks’ original song titled “The Courage To Love” during the two-hour ender and earned a standing ovation from the crowd. “Garth, if you’re watching, I cannot tell you how much I love you for what you just did for this man,” Simon said over the thunderous cheers from the Dolby Theatre audience. “People don’t do this normally, and he took the time, wrote the song. Garth, I said this in an email, and I want to say it to you in person: you are a gentleman and a star. And Michael, you are amazing.”

You must see Michael’s previous acts to appreciate this man’s commanding vocal range and abilities fully. Your jaw will be on the floor after watching this performance. Michael brings the heat to the finals with this performance of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

To add to the excitement, Brooks invited the crooner to sing at his Notre Dame Stadium concert on Oct. 20. “We’re going to suit you up with a band,” he said during a Facebook live video. “We’re going to put you out in front of 85,000 of the sweetest people you’ve ever played for before, and they’re going to be pulling for you like no other. This is going to be good,” he said.

Later, when host Tyra Banks announced the results, Michael was eliminated in fifth place. He was all smiles before he walked off stage, sharing, “I get to perform that song with him on October the 20th at Notre Dame. Sold out!” Simon then told his Golden Buzzer performer, “You and I are gonna continue this relationship. You have been an absolute star throughout. I’m so sorry you didn’t make it, but it’s the way it goes.”

One fan commented, “You won in every way that matters most, Michael. THANK YOU for sharing your amazing talent, your wonderful family and your incredible heart with the world. You are a man after God’s own heart. We are blessed to have been part of your journey, and it is FAR from over. Many good things are coming for you with Garth and Simon, and you deserve it all! Bless you and THANK YOU!”

“He is literally the most inspirational human being. I absolutely adore him, and I’m so happy he got to let loose and sing this song written for him to sing. He just seemed to be in his element and enjoying it. I’m so happy for him,” gushed another.