Gas station displays jokes for commuters, their signs have everyone laughing out loud

We all know how boring it can be driving too and from work every day. You travel along the same road, see the same signs, the same landmarks, even the same people every day. Some people can spend hours a day in their cars due to the heavy traffic congestion of many major cities roads and highways. You may spend up to 2 or 3 hours a day commuting, making your average working day much longer than it need be. For the average worker that could mean an extra 780-hours a year wasted in your car. Now that’s a lot of time you could have spent on something way-more-important.

There are ways to combat this problem. One of the most popular ways to save yourself money and time is to car-pool. Share the driving with two or three of your friends, you can do a little work on the way, or chill-out listening to your favorite music, at least this way you only have to drive for a week every month or so. This not only saves your energy levels but it also reduces the emissions that we put into the atmosphere. I hear that in Bali, Indonesia, they have a thing called Nyepi day. This is the Balinese New Year, and on the day everybody has to stay inside of their houses. It is the day of silence, even the airport is closed. Imagine if everywhere in the world had a day like that, a day where there would be no vehicles running at all, the environment would be so grateful at the pollution that would not be emitted, Mother Nature would be impressed.

Fortunately, there are some people that are all too aware of the mundane daily commute between home and work and are trying to add just a little humor into the medium. In the little community of Wallington, just outside of Seattle, Washington, there is a local gas station that is trying its hardest to bring a smile to the everyday drivers that pass its bowsers. The station had undergone a facelift and no longer required the advertising billboards that were placed outside. Rather than trashing them, the owner and his manager decided to put them to good use and cheer up the day of the passers-by that always looked a bit down.

It was decided that they would put up a new joke or say each day just to put a smile on the faces of the commuters that use the highway every day. It appears to have worked as they have noticed people smiling as they drive past, happy just to have a bit of fun on their way to whatever job that awaits them at the end of their journey. Click on the link below and start your own day off with a smile.