They Gave This Baby Panda A New Toy And Her Reaction Is Everything You Might Expect

Pandas may well be the winners of the cute Olympics, if there was such a thing. Their lazy ways and adorable faces make watching them during playtime very entertaining. The panda in this video is named Xiao and he is one of the cutest residents at the San Diego Zoo. We all know how pandas like to play and never take life too seriously. This one is no exception. He is a bit hit with not only the visitors to the zoo, but the staff as well. I think you will fall in love with him too after watching this video.

The San Diego Zoo is very particular about the animal’s health and very protective of them because they believe there is no better way to guarantee a happy life than by caring for the animals properly and ensuring their safety. So this panda doesn’t have a care in the world and he’s probably one of the cutest and most charismatic pandas I’ve ever seen. Just wait until you see him in this video.

In this particular clip, this adorable little panda is going for a check-up at the vet. He has to take a test so the vet can check his coordination and physical abilities and make sure he is developing at the proper rate for his age. To test the panda’s coordination and physical abilities, they give them a big green ball to play with, and it’s probably the most adorable medical examination ever.

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