They Gave This Baby Panda A New Ball! But Her Reaction? More Than You’d Expect! HAHA

Pandas may well be the definite champions of the cute olympics. What with their lazy moves and adorable faces and playtimes, it is impossible to ignore just how entertaining they can really be. The name of the panda friend in the following video is Xiao, and he’s an adorable member of the San Diego Zoo. He’s a hit with the staff and the public alike, and I’m sure you’re going to fall in love with him as well!

This zoo is very protective of their animals’ health, because there’s no better way to guarantee a happy life than with proper care and safety. This cute panda is one of the most adorable bears I’ve ever seen in my life, and you’re going to fall in love with him too! Just wait until you see him.

In this particular clip, this adorable little panda is going for a check-up at the Zoo vet. To test the panda’s coordination and physical abilities, they give them a big green ball to play, and it’s probably the most adorable medical examination ever.

Watch this cute panda get the most adorable check up ever, in this video right here! Remember to share it with your friends on Facebook.

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