They Gave Her A Box Filled With Kittens And Watch What This Gorilla Does To Them

Koko is one of the most popular animals on this planet. I am sure you have come across various news and videos related to this famous gorilla with a wonderful maternal instinct many times yourself. Koko has learned sign language and has made interspecies communication a reality, and the hope is that someday she will teach her own children sign language, if she is ever able to have any. Some years back, she wanted to raise a child of her own, so The Gorilla Foundation gave her a kitten so that she could bring him up by herself. She even named him and the two formed a very close bond. But Koko was left grieving when the kitten was run over by a car and killed, and the people at the Foundation had to tell her, and they used sign language to do it. It was heartbreaking.

This year on July 4th, Koko turned 44 years old. As a birthday gift, she was given a box filled with little kittens. Koko fell in love with one of these fur balls, while the other one fell in love with her. She has adopted both of these kittens into her family now. According to her foundation, her “maternal and play instincts” kicked in immediately when she met them. They love to climb on her and she even signs to her humans to put the kitten on her head. She signs “cat” and “baby” to show her love for these two new additions in her life.

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