They Gave Their Boxer A Binky. But It’s What Happened Next That Left Me In Stitches! LOL!

The adorable boxer in this video is such a cutie; you will not be able to prevent your heart from escaping from your chest after you see how cute she is! She is just a little baby that needs a little comforting from her pacifier.

When her owner gives the dog a binky, Leia the boxer responds just like an infant and remarkably, it also has the same effect on her! She falls asleep right away! She is just 8 months old and her reaction to the binky is really precious. I’m sure the owners are extra careful so that the dog won’t choke from the pacifier.

Watch princess Leia and her pacifier in the video. Have you seen your dog do something like this? Let us know in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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