Adorable 8-Month-Old Boxer Puppy Loves Her Pacifier. But It’s the Ending that Left Me in Stitches

The adorable boxer in this video is such a cutie! She is just a little baby, at 8-months-old, that needs a little comforting from her pacifier. Well, maybe not so little. Maybe a big baby is a more accurate description of this sweet boxer.

The dog in this clip is Princess Leia, and she’s already famous on the internet for her other talents, but in this clip, it is nap time, and her human has found a way to help Leia sleep. She gives her a pacifier and wait until you see her reaction.


When her owner gives the dog a binky, Leia the boxer responds just like an infant and begins sucking on it and remarkably, it also has the same effect on her! But it’s quite funny to watch her face as she sucks on the pacifier.

She falls asleep almost right away. She is just eight months old, and her reaction to the pacifier is really precious. I’m sure the owners are extra careful so that the dog won’t choke from the pacifier. But after she falls asleep, the laughs continue as this Princess snores quite loudly! It is very un-princess like. But she’s so cute with her purple pacifier in her mouth that I can forgive her for snoring.