They Gave Him A Brush, And His Dog Did Something Unimaginable! WHOA

The talent that some dogs have makes them achieve amazing things. And it’s not very hard to understand why; they’re some of the friendliest and most loyal animals out there. This allows them to understand human commands like no other, and the discipline that they also possess helps them keep working hard until what started like a small trick transforms into a unique and impressive talent.

Jumpy, the doggy in the video below, is one of the most skilled dogs I’ve ever bore witness to. Sure, there are many dogs that can achieve incredible athletic feats, and from the name that they gave him, you’d think that Jumpy would be a sporty type of dog. However, his talent goes beyond what physical prowess could ever achieve.

Omar von Muller, Jumpy’s best friend and human caretaker, has taught him how to sign his name for his own autograph. Yes, you read that right, this dog learned how to write his own name! You can see him for yourself in the clip, as he shows his amazing talent to the impressed people that watched him.

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