She Gave Her Dachshund A New Toy. Watch What He Does… The Cutest Thing Ever!

Playing fetch with your dog is one of the best ways to really develop a relationship with the animal, especially if the dog in question is fairly young. From the dog’s perspective, fetch is a lot more than just a game – it’s a true bonding experience in every sense of the word.

Sometimes, however, the dog actually does enjoy the game of fetch a lot more than it enjoys your company – as is the case with this miniature dachshund! You see, whenever this little tyke wants to play a quick game of fetch, he doesn’t run over and try to entice his owners to play at all! He’s got his very own automatic ball launcher to play with whenever he wants!

This adorable little puppy really has the whole setup down. Not only does he fetch the ball and bring it back, but he also knows exactly how to load the launcher again so that he can keep this going for as long as he wants! These two sure do give new meaning to the phrase “smart home!”

A lot of talk has been made in the last several years about the way that robots and other forms of technology are replacing jobs that were previously held by humans. Though it’s a controversial topic, this video proves that it is in fact taking place – at least as far as playing fetch with dogs is concerned!

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