He Gave His Dog A Paintbrush. But What He Did With It? I Didn’t See THIS Coming! WOW!

Dogs are one of the best creatures on planet earth. I am sure you have seen a lot of videos showing dog tricks on the internet. But I am also sure you have never before seen a trick like the one featured below! Omar von Muller’s dog, Jumpy, is a very smart dog. He has done a lot of tricks before for us on the internet, but the following trick has got to be his best one yet!

You are going to be in awe when you see this handsome dog sign his autograph! You heard me right! Omar hands his dog a paint brush and guides him thorough the whole process. It is really amazing how he managed to follow his owner and paint that on paper!

Jumpy is an intelligent dog, but his owner is incredible as well for teaching him this! All his owner has to do is point, and Jumpy signs his name on a poster. He even goes back to fill in some lines where the paintbrush skipped a space. I couldn’t believe it when he formed the ‘M’ in one brushstroke.

This dog is so cute, and of course, he’s learned to do this knowing that he will get a treat and a much desired pat on the head when he finishes. He may be motivated by treats, but he is super smart nonetheless.

(This video has no audio.)

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