They Gave Her A Duck, But What The Two Of Them Did Next? So Beautiful!

Kylie, the 5 years old girl in the video below, is nothing short of impressive. While being at such a young age, she’s already looked up to as a mother. Yes, that’s right, a little girl is a mom! But see, it’s obviously not a child, but a little duckling she named Snowflake. The cute little duck was brought home by Kylie’s parents when he was still tiny, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Kylie takes care of the duck, and gives him a lot of love since the first day he set foot on her home. And thanks to that, the duck sees her as his own mom now, and Kylie considers herself to be responsible for the little duck. It’s definitely one of the cutest bonds I’ve ever seen, between an animal and a person. You can see how close they are, as they dearly hold each other, and as the duck follows her every step.

The duck goes everywhere Kylie goes, and he even goes as far as her soccer games or her slumber parties, just as if they were best friends. In the clip below, you can see Kylie speak about their relationship, even declaring “I’m his mom” without a shrivel of doubt in her voice. Truly incredible!

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