They gave a pink fluffy toy to a kitten because he couldn’t sleep. Watch him now when he sees it!

Don’t you just think kittens are the most adorable? Many people have started adopting kittens over dogs for many reasons. One of the most important is size. I was like many dog owners who believe there was no place in my house for a cat. I didn’t dislike them, but since I always had dogs in my life, I didn’t feel the need to have a cat.

It wasn’t until I went to visit some of my neighbors who had cats. For them, it was a no-nonsense call. They thought that cats were more appropriate for people who were looking for companionship but didn’t have the time other owners invested in things like walking their pets or all the work that comes with cleaning after them.

I had a neighbor who was a prime example of this. Growing up, he loved Pit Bulls. He had a few of them when he was a kid and loved how they looked. He had one that grew up to be literally, the biggest and meanest dog on the block. He said that it felt good to get all those compliments from people that knew him. “It was nice to have the meanest dog on the block. That came with a lot of respect, and who doesn’t like respect,” he said.

The problem was that he almost never walked the dog. His dog had so much energy that he started using the inside of the house as a playground and a place to relieve his stress. The furniture and finishing of the house paid the price for this, and it got to a point where they couldn’t even walk the dog. His lifestyle had always been sedentary and on top of it, had gained quite a few pounds as a result. He ended up giving him up for adoption. He just didn’t have the time nor the energies to keep up with a breed like that.

What a friend ended up suggesting, was for him to get a cat. His friend told him that cats usually do not require that much exercise, and when they do, they get the exercise by themselves. It’s not like you need to walk your cat every day. Since he was a cat-owner himself, he was speaking from his own experience. He got a cat and has been very happy since.

Cats and cat videos are heart-warming to watch. Just like the cat in the following video. This kitty was having a tough time going to sleep, so the rescuers gave him a stuffed animal. Check out the cuteness the kitten displays and what he does when he is sleeping with his favorite toy!