Gemma The Black Lab Survives After Being Shot In The Head With An Arrow!

Labradors are among the friendliest, most noble breeds of dogs! They have extremely playful personalities and usually don’t lose their puppy naivety until they are over 2 years old.  Gemma, the black lab, suffered a horrifying incidente, just after her 2 year birthday.

Devoted Barn, a nonprofit organization that helps abused animals recover, helped Gemma after she was brutally shot by her owner.  To make matters worse he shot her in the head with an arrow and left her for dead in the woods. The nonprofit, after saving Gemma, went after the owner and he was charged with animal cruelty! At last justice was served to the monster that was able to hurt a defenseless and loving animal!

Gemma’s caretakers were in awe of the pooch’s spirit. She proved to be infinitely strong and forgiving, after her horrible ordeal, she still loves to play around with humans, not a single bone of resentment in her body!

Despite the trauma, Gemma made a full recovery and currently lives a happy and lively life at the Devoted Barn.  She is waiting for a kind family to take her in and love her, she probably won’t have any trouble, she was able to beat the biggest odds she ever faced!

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