Gentle Dog Helps Mother Cat Deliver Her Kittens. It Is So Beautiful To Watch

Fighting like cats and dogs, as the expression goes. An old Russian legend claims that they don’t get along because the devil has tricked each into thinking the other has its rightful fur.

Of course, that’s just a myth. With the right human-supervised socialization, it is possible for cats and dogs to live together happily under one roof. Anyone with dogs and cats living together will tell you life-long friendships are not uncommon at all.

In the incredible video, we’ve posted below; you’ll see a mother cat being helped through the birthing process by none other than her friend the dog! These two are very close friends.

Otherwise, the cat would not have allowed the dog anywhere near her newborn kittens. The dog is very gentle and loving, licking each of the kittens, perhaps his way of welcoming them into the world and letting them know he’s a friend.