Gentle wild deer enjoys tender human massages

Wild deer

You know, apart from yoga masters who sit calmly with their legs crossed, animals can also be quite zen-like. An old, super calm buck enjoys moments of affection in a short video.

In the video, one fawn draws her nose up to the camera and quickly hops away shyly. The main guy, Yoda, is seen sitting calmly in the lush green yard.

One of the homeowners, using a hand sprinkler, got close to Yoda. The old buck is not concerned. He sat on his belly, mindless of the turbulent water droplets around him.

Wild deer

She patted him gently on his nose. Later, the old deer got up to have a drink from the running sprinkler. Yoda got more attention and licked the hands of his new friend.

A younger lady, kneeling close to master Yoda, also gave the deer a gentle touch. It was heartwarming seeing him get so much affection. He got neck rubs and blinked for the first time.

Yoda seemed to enjoy their touches and care. He was aware of his human friends. A young fawn, close to a hammock in the background, stared at them. He surely wanted some human care.

Yoda had goosebumps as his hair rose up. Other fawns came around to get some massages. Immediately, one of the fawns was welcomed by chin rubs. It was a mini deer spa.

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