Gentri Performs Spine-Tingling Original Song “Barricade” to Help Fans Struggling With Bullying

Life is full of moments that make us feel a wide variety of emotions. The three men that make up the group Gentri know all about how life can get you down. With their newest original song, “Barricade,” they help fans feel less alone with whatever they’re facing.

Most people have experienced bullying before. Whether you’re the one getting bullied or the one doing the bullying, it’s never a nice thing to feel. “Barricade” is all about what it’s like to have emotional blocks built by these negative moments.

The band says, “We build barricades that separate us from the very people who long to help us heal. As we retreat, others can use the wrecking balls of patience, kindness, and love to break through our barriers of isolation.

Gentri’s music video for the song shows just how much someone can be impacted by bullying. The end of the video shows all of those who have been bullied tearing down the wall they built up. It may not be easy to let others in, but it’s worth it.