George Is a Kind Man. When He Sees Two Baby Squirrels in Danger, He Acts!

Abandoned animals always fill my heart with such terrible sadness. To feel forgotten is a very painful emotion, and if it happens enough times, we learn we have to depend only on ourselves. In the end, we are our only last hope.

However, during such exhausting times, it really puts a tear in your eye to see others lend a helping hand when you are incapable of achieving a goal on your own. One story of amazing courage and a huge sense of kindness is found in one Colorado man working on the construction of a traffic light. As he worked, near the base of the light pole, he saw something he couldn’t quite believe — a sight that broke his heart and prompted the motivation necessary to bring about a beautiful ending.


This caring worker found a nest that he thought belonged to a mother and her bird babies. However, upon closer inspection, George realized he had thought wrong. Down inside the light pole, George had found two baby squirrels, not birds! The sight made him gasp in horror.

Unlike many who are hired to do a job, who would just ignore the two defenseless babies plight, George decided to rescue the helpless squirrels. He reached down deep to save them from the pit that had trapped them and decided to take them home.


When you take such caring steps, sometimes you can realize how little you know about an animal. George had never taken care of squirrels, now that he had a chance to think about the situation clearly. He had quite a bit of learning about raising squirrels if these two-adorable young ‘uns were going to survive and live healthy and full lives.

George took to the internet to study not only the proper etiquette for taking care of young squirrels but also helpful tips and trick for being prepared even in the most unlikely situation.

George Is a Kind Man. When He Sees Two Baby Squirrels in Danger, He Acts!