German Polka Band Performs Energetic Cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mine”

Whether you like classic rock music or not, you’ve likely heard the Guns n’ Roses hit song “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” A talented German polka band puts their unique twist on this incredible soft rock tune.

“Sweet Child O’ Mine” is something you’d usually hear at the bar, a wedding, or during karaoke. A German band by the name The Heimatdamisch shocked people when they covered this classic song by adding a ton of energy to it.

It’s already an upbeat tune, but The Heimatdamisch likes to have fun with the music they create. Dressed in traditional lederhosen, this eight-piece group doesn’t hold back with this bouncy cover song. They even have a flute, a trombone, and more unique instruments.

There’s no denying that this group is exceptionally talented. They’ve covered several other rock and pop songs from the 1980s and 1990s. Some of their favorites include “Highways to Hell,” “Run to the Hills,” and “Video Killed The Radio Star.”