This German Shepherd Acts As Though He’s This Little Girl’s Personal Lifeguard

Dogs are some of the most amazing creatures out there. They’re incredibly loyal, impressively brave, and always happy to lend a helping paw when they can. They develop some of the most beautiful relationships with their human counterparts, especially children, and it’s heartwarming to see how these newfound friendships grow over time.

The six year old German Shepherd featured in the clip below is named Max, and he absolutely adores his human! Both of them love spending time in the water, and they frequently go swimming together to cool off and relax after a hot day in the sun. When Max’s friend decides she’s brave enough to leap off the pier, though, Max springs to the rescue just in case he’s needed. Wait until you see this courageous rescuer in action!

The little girl was doing just fine on her own, but it just goes to show you how protective and loyal dogs are when they think the people they care about are in need of assistance. Max paddled along with his friend to ensure that she was staying above water, doing his very best to keep her safe in the lake. How sweet is that? This child is lucky she has such a brave companion with her at all times!

It’s amazing what dogs will do to help their friends. Have you ever seen such a loyal animal companion before? We’re lucky to have pooches around for reasons just like this! If we’re ever in trouble, we know we can count on them to save the day and get us the help we need.

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