This German Shepherd Has Developed The Perfect Method Of Making Sure He Gets An Extra Meal!

Usually when we see dogs they are well-trained and acting in a very well thought out manner. But the puppy in this video is the exact opposite. He is lost all patience and he doesn’t care who knows about it.

Apollo, the German Shepherd, is goddess look at but gets a very grumpy sometimes. If you ask him what the problem is he will knock over his food bowl. Apollo acts as if his starving even if he’s just eaten an entire meal. It might be a great way to con someone out of an extra meal but probably not a long-term strategy.

It seems like Apollo has learnt a great way of making sure that he gets all the food that he wants just by acting like a total doofus. There are plenty of humans adopt the same method in order to get what they need, so I won’t judge Apollo for his actions.

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