German Shepherd listens close as dad tells him the day’s itinerary

German Shepherd

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a dog at home who understood every word you said and everything you had in mind? Such a dog’s company would always make you feel comfortable and happy all the time.

German Shepherd with his dad

Buddy, a German Shepherd, shared a similar bond with his dad Mike. The two were a perfect example of a man and his dog sharing a unique bond. Buddy could understand everything Mike said. Similarly, Mike could understand what his pet had in mind.

One day, both Mike and Buddy went out on a ride. Mike kept talking to his dog while driving the car, and Buddy kept tilting his head on both sides as if he could understand whatever his dad was telling him.

German Shepherd

Before leaving home for the ride, Mike promised Buddy to take him to Dairy Queen for his favorite ice cream. This made Buddy go crazy with joy. Even while driving, Mike kept on asking whether Buddy would like to have an ice cream, to which he replied barking in pleasure.

When Mike finally bought Buddy his favorite ice cream, he licked at it as if it was the last delicious food on earth. Often, Mike would play fetch with Buddy. He had taught the dog several rules, which Buddy followed sincerely. One of them was not crossing the road alone, even if the ball went to the other end.

German Shepherd

One day Mike decided to take Buddy with him to meet his mother, who had fallen down and hurt herself. He wanted to make sure that she was ok and took the dog with him. Buddy stayed with Mike’s mother to make her feel better upon reaching the destination.

The day Mike brought Buddy home, the two clicked almost immediately. Although Mike had another dog before Buddy, it took him nearly three and a half years to decide and go for another pet. Mike believed that love was the only factor that bound the two together.

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