German Shepherd Nurtures Abandoned Kittens, And This Surrogate Mom Takes Her Job Very Seriously

Sometimes we see some truly kind and generous people out there, like the amazing team of a pet owner her German Shepherd, Brooke. Together these two are committed to being foster and surrogate parents to kittens so they can help the local animal shelter. Together they raise the kittens until they are old enough to be on their own, and then they return to the shelter and are readied for adoption. It is truly amazing that this dog has such a strong maternal instinct that she is willing raise animals of a different species. Go Brooke!

The actions of dynamic duo deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded, although they seem to feel rewarded simply by taking action to help. Brooke’s owner brought four kittens home and she needs Brooke’s help to keep them all in line. Watch how they look after these cute kitties in this video. Look at them sleeping in Brooke’s lap. If this doesn’t give you a warm, fuzzy feeling, nothing will. Brooke watches out for these little cuties as if they were her own. She goes into protection mode whenever they are around.

Whether you adopt or foster, it can be so rewarding to help an animal in need. There are so many ways we can help to improve the life of an innocent animal, even if we just volunteer at a shelter. Let’s all follow Brooke’s example and do what we can to help animals in need.

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