This German Shepherd Puppy Begs For More Food. But When He Looks Up? Watch His Right Paw…

Dogs can be relentless when they sense a chance for food. They will do anything to get their mommy or daddy to relent and give them a morsel… anything. They have no shame and will go to great depths to achieve this – like making it seem like they haven’t eaten in days, when it’s only been mere hours. But even 120 minutes can seem like a lifetime to these pooches. They have big tricks up their sleeves, like what we see here with a German Shepherd named Apollo.

Apollo, who is really still a pup despite his size, wants more food and he’s not shy about demanding it. He bangs the empty dish with his paw and talks loudly to his daddy. The dad gives in and gives him a treat. Now Apollo is going to think that all he has to do to get something like this is to repeat what he just did. But who is his daddy to tell him no, especially after he just did that?

Training dogs can be very hard. It’s like rearing children who will never grow up and go to college. There are times that they will look at you with the saddest eyes or make the most pitiful sounds… and it will take ALL the willpower that you have to not just give in. But then, if you do, there’s going to be a reinforcement of a behavior that you might not have wanted in the first place…

So, let’s fast-forward several days now. Apollo pulls this same stunt… and this time Daddy says no. Apollo will get confused and possibly even a little angry. Yes, the daddy may ultimately wind up training this pup to understand that he can’t boss his daddy around like that, banging on the empty bowl. But Daddy just set himself back by doing that the previous time. It would have been better to just stand firm the first time. Of course, that’s easier said than done at times.

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