This German Shepherd Puppy Begs For More Food. But When He Looks Up? Watch His Right Paw…

German Shepherds are known for their difficult childhoods. Apollo, the German Shepherd puppy in this video, is still at that very headstrong stage. Even though Apollo has recently had a full-size lunch he still hungry and he wants to make sure his dad knows it.

This beautiful little puppy is so cute being grumpy with his dad. When dad asks Apollo what the problem is, the dog immediately knocks over his bow with extreme indigence. While Apollo is certainly acting as though he has been fed for days, it hasn’t been that long since lunch.

That does eventually give in and give Apollo what he wants, a delicious post lunch snack. I’m sure it won’t be long before Apollo is back again demanding for more. This puppy is still has some growing to do and his attitude is not likely to get any better until he is fully grown.

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