German Shepherd Stands Still With His Owner. But The Moment His Human Moves? UNREAL!

It is said that dogs can do almost anything if they are trained properly. We have seen many examples to prove this fact, and this video below is yet another one of them! You are going to be amazed to see what this soldier has trained his dog to do. I am hooked!

In this following video, we see this military-trained German Shepherd performing an incredible dance routine with his owner. At first, this dog sits still along with his human buddy. But as soon as this soldier starts moving, this dog does the unthinkable. I am totally stumped to see this and I am sure you’ll fall in love with this German Shepherd in an instance.

The music begins to play and it is the type of music you might hear when doing a famous dance like the Tango. In fact, I think that the dance this owner and his dog are performing is indeed a Tango. The man is holding his rifle up to his eye during the entire dance, and the dog is between his legs, following his every move.

When the man sits, the dog sits. When his owner turns, as you would in a Tango, the dog doesn’t miss a beat and turns right along with him. The music really adds to the enjoyment of this video. These two must have been together for quite some time. They understand each other perfectly.

Wait till you see this yourself. You won’t believe how in sync this man and his dog are. And don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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