German Shepherd Survives Abuse And Makes Incredible Transformation! OMG!

In the harsh winter of 2013, an animal rescue volunteer found a German Shepherd named Hope abandoned in a field in Kansas City, MS. The dog was freezing, shaking, and breathing heavily. She got the poor animal in her car and drove straight to Wayside Waifs animal shelter. It was there the team of heroes discovered the horrible truth: Hope had been shot in the left femur. Luckily, the gunshot missed her vital organs, but her femur was fractured and Hope’s leg needed to be amputated.

Hope made a remarkable recovery, especially considering she only knew fear and pain. In fact, she was up and walking that same day! She had to adjust to life on three legs, but the surgery allowed Hope to live out her life to its fullest.

However, Hope’s story was still incomplete; she needed to find her forever family. That’s when a man saw a photo of Hope’s face and wanted to meet her. And what do you know… when he learned she only had three legs, he knew she was a survivor. This made him want to adopt her even more.

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