When That German Shepherd Wrapped His Jaw Around The Kitten’s Head? I Screamed OH NO!

This is a collection of quite a few top dogs on this planet when it comes to performing complicated and unusual tricks that are strangely essential to everyday living. On top of that, they looked mad proud and enthusiastic in doing so.

Of particular cuteness is the little dog that knows how to bring groceries from the car into the house. Watch him carry in succession a loaf of bread, a shopping bag, and bananas. On closer inspection, you will see this helpful dog was just a puppy! This golden retriever pup performed his duty with a zeal that is often lacking in humans. I started clapping and cheering him on as if he were the running back of my favorite team breaking through the scrimmage line with room to run in front of him.

There’s a dog that knows how to tug in a baby, and as if not to be outdone, there’s a baby that loves spoon-feeding her dog one spoonful at a time with tender loving care!

Another cool dog is the German shepherd that knows how to undress his mama! First he took off her socks and then her jacket, and since they live in a country where people take their shoes off at the door in favor of indoor footwear, this massive German shepherd did not forget to bring his mama her shoes for walking inside the house!

I’ve saved the most amazing for last – there’s one special pooch by the name of Chelsea who will absolutely blow you away when you see her open the refrigerator door, retrieve a cold beer, and shut the door before bringing her human papa the cold one!

There are still more funny and amazing feats in this video. Do not miss it.

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