Get ready for the best relaxing Christmas jazz music!

Christmas music is in the air, right? You can’t help getting into the Christmas spirit every time you go outside. Everyone has holiday music playing, they’re extra kind to everyone else, what else do you need? In my case, the only thing I need is to find that special CD or playlist that I can take home and relax my cares away.

I’m the type of guy that appreciates good music, especially jazz. For many years, jazz has been the ‘cool’ genre if you ask me. This great country has produced the very best in jazz musicians over the years. Even in a time where social battles were taking place, jazz found its way out of every scuffle and into our hearts.

The only thing with Christmas music is that it is only pop. Or at least, mostly pop. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like pop. The only thing is that I prefer to listen to jazz. To me, it’s a lot more relaxing. It is music that you can do pretty much anything while listening to it. You can listen to it while studying, cooking, working… you name it. Now, how do you get this same experience, but with the Christmas spirit in there?

I went to my local music store to see what they had. Unfortunately, they did not have that much. I went to look at several stores and they had one or two jazz albums with a couple of “bonus Christmas tacks” at the most. What I was looking for was one CD that had only Christmas songs on it. The closest thing I found was a “Chill-out” album that had a few jazz songs, and they weren’t even Christmas songs.

I asked everyone I knew, but no one could direct me to where I could find one. So, I started looking for a playlist that would satisfy my Christmas-jazz craving. I tried several sites and online stores, but could not find it there, either.

After a few days of trying, I finally hit the jackpot. I found the perfect jazz playlist that is Christmas-ready. I had seen many Christmas playlists, but nothing as clean and as nice as this one. In fact, I even feel like listening to it when not in the holidays. Jazz-lovers everywhere, gather around and get ready for the best Christmas musical experience of the year! And I’m not just saying this because I love jazz, either.