Get ready! This dog is going to blow your mind in just a few seconds!

The aspiring pop star that’s featured in this little video is Schrader. You may already be impressed with Schrader’s dance skills, but you’ll be even more amazed when you hear his age. This little puppy is only three and a half months old! That means he is a true prodigy. He has many years left to perfect his art. Imagine how good he will be in just a few short years!

It turns out, this little dance move first showed up when Schrader was learning how to sit. And of course, learning to sit can be a real challenge. You can hardly blame him for getting a little confused.

It’s important to have someone to look up to when you are young. It helps us learn to dream about all of life’s possibilities. For this little puppy, one day he might be a world famous dancer like his hero Michael Jackson. For now, he’s still got some work to do. But with this viral video, he is off to a great start!

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