Get ready to meet Lizzy, the world’s tallest female dog!

Do you like dogs? If you do, you probably fall into one of two categories: big dogs or small dogs. Depending on what your capabilities and your tastes are, you will opt for one dog or the other. Having small dogs has its advantages. Small dogs in general equal small work on your behalf, at least generally.

There are some small dogs that require a lot of exercise. Terriers, in general, are small dogs who love being active. If you are an active person, you can get one of these dogs. They are very curious about their environment and a fence is preferred to keep them from escaping your home looking for adventure. Also, if you happen to be in a neighborhood where larger street dogs might pose a threat, making sure you have an enclosure for your small pet is always a clever idea.

Some pet owners will argue that having a smaller dog as a pet will not deter thieves from breaking into your home, and that might be true. But most of the times, it only takes a bark to make thieves think twice about breaking in. There are a few dogs that have a loud bark despite having a small body.

On the plus side, small dogs are more convenient. For people who live in a small home or an apartment that allows pets, small dogs are an excellent choice. You can get more products for smaller dogs on sale that you can get for larger dogs. In addition to that, you will end up spending much less money on dog food. Most small breeds eat about one cup of dog food a day.

But that doesn’t mean larger dogs are a hassle. If you are a big-dog person, you will appreciate the extra height and muscle that can stop most thieves and attackers in their tracks. There are kennels that train larger dogs for personal protection. Service dogs, on the other hand, are in most cases medium to large dogs. Why? First, let’s say that you are a user of one of these service dogs. You are partially or legally blind and need the service dog to get around.

Service dogs are usually larger because they can be seen easier by other people than a small dog would be. Their bark is usually lower and louder. If you feel uneasy about going into the water, a larger dog can help you get out of a tough situation if you don’t know how to swim. Most large dogs like the Labrador or Terranova are famous for being great swimmers.

And to top it off, large dogs are just cool! The dog in the following video is a female dog and she’s big. How big? Try Guinness-Record big! She’s the largest female dog in the world. Lizzie will not only amaze your eyes, but she’ll also steal your heart!