Get Ready To Feel Nostalgic…These Ladies Take Us Back To 1942 With Heartfelt Tribute

Britain’s Got Talent is known for bringing some fantastic stars into the limelight. I mean, who doesn’t remember Susan Boyle taking the world by surprise with her 2009 audition? These ladies, however, perform like no other in this clip from 2018’s finale.

These nine ladies, known as “The D-Day Darlings” are unique not just because of their incredible vocal chops, but due to their incredibly patriotic spirit. The group was brought together back in 2008 once these singers realized they all shared a passion for WWII-era music.

However, it’s not just their musical tastes that sparked their fascination with WWII. All nine members of the group have family members who have previously served or are actively a member of the armed forces.

And this beautiful rendition of “The White Cliffs Of Dover” is enough to bring tears to your eyes. But it’s the second half of the performance that really has us floored – when a menagerie of special guests suddenly appears from the wings.

Get Ready To Feel Nostalgic...These Ladies Take Us Back To 1942 With Heartfelt Tribute