Getting On This Shockingly Massive Bird’s Bad Side Is An Absolutely Horrible Idea

One of the most interesting types of creatures in the animal kingdom, birds never fail to teach us about the past, amaze us with their grace, and remind us of the prehistoric beings of centuries past. With so many different species of birds out there, there’s plenty of uniqueness between our feathered friends to go around. That being said, it’s rare that you’ll come across a bird as intimidating as the harpy eagle.

Despite the fearsome nature of the creature, it’s hard not to appreciate its astonishing qualities. Growing up to 42 inches long, the harpy eagle is the most powerful eagle on the planet. With a wingspan of up to seven-and-a-half feet, it’s easy to remember that birds are related to dinosaurs when you see a creature of this magnitude coming towards you! Though, it doesn’t stop at the size of the bird’s body. The eagle’s talons are the size of bear claws at 3-4 inches long! Those talons aren’t just used for clawing, either. They can even be used to dismember primates!

After years of evolving, the harpy eagle specializes in hunting down animals as big as monkeys and sloths to make for a filling meal. With their excellent eyesight, the eagles can spot their prey from miles away before diving in at truly impressive speeds and capturing their presumably-terrified target mid-flight. You do not want to be the unexpecting animal hiding in the trees. If I were a monkey, I’d certainly be sleeping with one eye open!

You won’t have a true understanding of this bird’s intensity until you see it for yourself. What would you do if you saw a harpy eagle coming your way? Watch the video below to get a better idea of how intimidating the creature really is, then comment your thoughts below and share the clip with your friends