When This Giant Dog Got Close To These Babies, No One Could Have Predicted What Happened Next!

As you know, dog videos and baby videos can warm your heart. But when dogs and babies do something completely adorable together? Nothing can make you smile faster than watching them have fun together.

So when one mom saw her dog coming up to her 6-month-old twin babies, she knew she was in for a treat and grabbed her camera.

The large poodle is eager to play. He is feeling energetic on this bright sunny day near the pool and the only thing he is missing is a play partner.

So when the dog spots the two cute babies in their beds, he has an idea. The poodle grabs his ball and brings it over to the tiny humans. He places it in the first crib, but since the baby is far too young to throw a ball, nothing happens.

The dog tries everything he can to get the babies to throw the ball. He sits. He keeps switching it from bed to bed. Then at the 55-second mark it seems like the baby is trying her best to play but just doesn’t have the ability yet. So the dog keeps trying.

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